Saturday, November 01, 2008

Idli Do-sa

Heylo my dearies!
Skeets is back with one of her favourite meals of all time: Idli Do-sa...In Rajasthani/Marwadi dialect the title of this post means idli do (give) sa (a mark of respect while adressing someome). So you see Skeets was just playing up her phonetically challenged side here :)
And now back to business err..gluttony :D

While the Nuttiest Nut was on her Dill visiti, Skeets and the Nut had intense discussions about 'Where to Eat' South Indian food. Sagar Ratna was an easy option but Skeets and Nut were looking for something different. And Skeets beats her head a thousand times against the wall (somewhat like Dobby), everytime she thinks how carelessly she forgot the Oh-so Yummyilicious Naivedyam, and went to Duh-so Crappy Madras Coffee House in Connaught Place (Andhra Bhavan was full) Grrrrrr....
Anyway we learn from mistakes. Skeets learnt that due to her forgetful nature she should maintain a 'Where to Go' diary for emergencies of the gastronomical nature.
Months later, a visit to Naivedyam was another of Skeeter's lone food expeditions. On a rather warm summer afternoon, the need for some time with the self, the need to be in a rather quiet corner of the city, enjoying what Skeeter loves the most (food) all turned out just PERFECT!

Skeets entered the place at aroudn 1 pm to find the eatery almost empty. Skeets was kinda glad as now all the attention at Naivedyam was focussed on Skeeter's food. With such happy thoughts in mind she went ahead and ordered Dahi Idli (Rs.55) to start with. Skeeter got two poppadums (papad) and a glass of Hot n Tangy Rasam (all complimentary). And before the waiters could blink an eye, all this was resting in Skeeter's tummy.
Now the eyes were fixed at the kitchen door for the Dahi Idlis to appear. And they came sooner than expected. The service was prompt. As Skeeter nibbled on the soft soft idlis, the mouth experienced a burst of flavours: the mustard seeds (rai), the dahi and the cheeni (yoghurt and sugar), and o'course the best of them all, the slight burnt dry chilli flavour, adding an undertone to all the others.
Next in line was the Udupi Masala Dosai (yeah the spellings are correct) pegged @ Rs.60. And it was made to perfection.And a glass of lime water complemented the Dosai very well.

Brief note:
Food and service 5/5.
Ambience: Comfortable and easy.

Address: 1 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Ph: 011-26960426


AlterinG Abhishek said...




o i miss those days.. dinner at naved-yummmm!

and on sundays.. wah wah.. chass used to be on the house in summers

Anonymous said...

I have to try this one! I might have visited the other one but can't be sure. The prices seem very pocket friendly.

Reeta Skeeter said...

AA: yo! :D I'd prefer my rasam on the house even in summers...but chaach is good as well :) cheers!
madteaparty: Hmm... am sure you might've visited the other one..prices are very good and food and service....OH SO GOOD! :) Happy Dining ji!

~ Deeps ~ said...

its one of my fav places :)
buttermilk is must :)

Vaudevillian said...

where are? starving already :(