Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Oregano Santa

Yeah…Skeety has a different Santa from that of you guys. Hers, unlike yours isn’t red, but blue and red (dress wise o’course). He comes anytime of the year, month or day, whenever she calls him, unlike yours who throws a lot of weight around, appears once a year, dresses in red (ol right I know Skeety loves red), wears a fake white beard, fills up your socks (how uncool) with goodies and may sometimes not even deliver what YOU want.
Skeety’s Oregano Santa is known by the layman as Domino’s delivery boy. The one you people start bullying, even if he is just one second late than the 30-minute deadline. Duh!
Skeety is no Domino’s fan. As a matter of fact, she despises the Domino’s Pizza that most drool over. Only GREEK works for her.
Anyway, the Oregano Santa gets Skeety a pouch full of flavourful oregano sachets. He gives her a generous number of sachets on his own. But what Skeety likes about him, is the fact that he does not hesitate to let go ALL the supply of the oregano in his pouch, if Skeety asks for it. And does she love it?!
Later, Skeety safely tucks away all the sachets in a tumbler, while the family is busy downing the pizzas. These are thereafter used for making toasted bread with toppings that vary from butter, parmesan cheese n black pepper, or just about any other cheese that Skeets is fond of.