Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shopping for mama... what I love the best!
It is a visual treat and I just love to be with the vegetables :D

Sunday, April 22, 2007

When its summertime and the time to dine

Much has been written about
Dilli ki Garmi. And now its time to sit up and beat the heat!

Cool! Ain't it?

In the past few days, i've been trying to find places to chill. Saltz @ GK-1, M block is a lovely place to chill out on a hot summer Sunday. When you don't feel like doing anything head to Saltz, sip their Thai Cold Coffee, order a Gelato of your choice and sit 'n' stare by the window seat (they hv a few).

Veg Siomai
Braised Thai Noodles
My maiden visit to Saltz came on last Saturday. I was accompanied by a Thai food lover. In the company of this Thai food lover I am learning to appreciate Thai cuisine as this person orders stuff for me that does NOT contain coconut. And now about the ambience, food and masti: Ambience was excellent! The place is done up in blue, light silver and white. A perfect summery joint! Highly recommended! Food was only 'ok'. But the fact that we can order Gelato from the Gelato parlour downstairs makes it cool as u don't necessarily hv to order food. The menu is influenced by the South-East Asian region. It has many Thai items as must be apparent by now. Service again is only ok. There was only one more table occupied still the service was slow. If you are headed for a quick lunch or hunger is getting on to you, this is so not a place to be.
While we waited for our lunch, we checked out the GK crowd from our window seat :D One that amused us the most was a gentleman sitting under a tree and reading a newspaper. He was so lost in his own world that it appeared as if he was sitting in the balcony of his sea-facing apartment and readign it. LOL.

Can u spot him?

Anyway, we ordered Veg Siomai (Indonesian Steamed dumplings) for starters. They were simply yummilicious and were served with some hot red sauce. For the main course was ordered Thai Chicken Curry by the Thai food lover and I ordered Braised Thai Noodles which were served with Black Mushrooms and greens. The Thai Chicken curry was adjudged not good by the Thai food lover. My verdict for the Braised Thai Noodles was Pass. They were a bit bland, but that is the way they were supposed to be. The dessert was what we enjoyed the most. But sadly I've forgotten the name. However, a pic follows :)

Last words: Saltz was Sweet :)