Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE Pizzeria

I invite * to join me for luncheon at a Pizzeria where Pizzas are baked in a mango-wood fired oven. Time and Date: will be told personally.
The Pizzeria that I speak of, is located at Vasant Vihar (New Delhi), by the name Sartoria. I know quite a few places in Delhi which bake their Pizzas in ovens, but sadly the ovens used are the electric ones. Sigh!

A clay oven...Can u spot the chimeny on the top?

Another clay oven

Traditionally, Pizzas are made in either a wood or a coal fired 'Brick Oven'. But these days 'Clay Ovens', fired by the same fuels are more popular. If you have ever chanced upon a 'Brick Oven' and have had a Pizza baked in that, I must say you are DAMN lucky!

A wood fired oven

I conclude by saying that Reeta yearns for a Pizza baked at a Pizzeria which has a 'Brick Oven'; and the Pizzeria be situated at one of the lesser known places (approachable only by foot) in the bylanes of Himachal.
And my ideal Pizzeria would look something like this:

P.S.: For those who would like to own the latest electric oven chk out the one being sold by
Kalamazoo, while I ready myself to savour one made in an oven fired by mango-wood.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not Just Paranthas

One can see many 'Dhaba-theme' restaurants coming up all over Delhi these days; NJP is another such place. 'Not Just Paranthas', is a cute little eatery tucked away in a bylane of West Delhi's Rajouri Garden. The food is good; the ambience, cute; the menu card, innovatively designed to take the form of a newspaper.


We ordered Chur Chur paranthas which are their speciality, having an extra dose of butter and crushed with hands giving it a unique touch; aloo pyaz parantha; gobi paranatha; mooli parantha; Dal makhmali (balck lentils); kabul chana masala and Dal sukhi chatpati (Yellow lentils for dad). I just had a small bite from each of the paranthas, all were 'ok' barring mooli which was 'bad'. Personally, I prefer mom-made paranthas anyday, so I had ordered a plain Naan to go with Dal Makhmali. Dal Makhmali which is the dearest to my heart was excellent; Kabuli chanas were nice but the fact that they had bits of paneer in it did not go well down my mind and tastebuds. Dal Sukhi Chatpati was liked by the elders; I did not even touch it so can't say much. The chuski bar (serving Indian style flavoured ice-lollies) is an attraction for the kids.


Having seen too many 'Dhaba-theme' restaurants, the charm of visiting them is fading away. Still I liked this one. It was nice to see sweet li'l soemthings decorated all over the place. At NJP, all the seats are made of rassi (jute rope) and wood. There are knick knacks like small models of cycle-rickshaws, lanterns hung here and there, old vessels placed all over the restaurant. The loos have 'Shreemaan' and 'Shreemati' written over the doors to differentiate the one for men from that for women. What I liked best was a signboard saying -Kripya bhojan ke liye hathon ka prayong karein' i.e. please use hands to eat your food. And what was even better was the spoons that were laid neatly over all the tables :D...pooooohhh