Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE Pizzeria

I invite * to join me for luncheon at a Pizzeria where Pizzas are baked in a mango-wood fired oven. Time and Date: will be told personally.
The Pizzeria that I speak of, is located at Vasant Vihar (New Delhi), by the name Sartoria. I know quite a few places in Delhi which bake their Pizzas in ovens, but sadly the ovens used are the electric ones. Sigh!

A clay oven...Can u spot the chimeny on the top?

Another clay oven

Traditionally, Pizzas are made in either a wood or a coal fired 'Brick Oven'. But these days 'Clay Ovens', fired by the same fuels are more popular. If you have ever chanced upon a 'Brick Oven' and have had a Pizza baked in that, I must say you are DAMN lucky!

A wood fired oven

I conclude by saying that Reeta yearns for a Pizza baked at a Pizzeria which has a 'Brick Oven'; and the Pizzeria be situated at one of the lesser known places (approachable only by foot) in the bylanes of Himachal.
And my ideal Pizzeria would look something like this:

P.S.: For those who would like to own the latest electric oven chk out the one being sold by
Kalamazoo, while I ready myself to savour one made in an oven fired by mango-wood.


FH said...

Mango wood?!!! How cooool!!!! Very Indian. I would prefer the Indian Tandoor anytime over that ultra modern one!
Mango wood is so exotic:))
Happy Holidays.

Pritika said...

Wow, mago wood somehow sounds yummy hehe...amazing article, looks like you do know your subject very well ms. skeeter, i'm very impressed!

Ankur Arora said...

i've been to Sartoria...it was so special! da place is awesome...had a 5 course meal there!
otherwise, i've seen open clay oven bein used in Flavours, it's in Moolchand...just under the flyover, in a DDA market...try their pizzas sometime...too cool!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Asha: Yeah Mango wood :D It sure is exotic.... No damn holidays for me :|
Pritika: motiiiii :D
Ankur: Hope I go there soon... humare baal safed ho jayenge par * ko time nahi milega ;) Vl go to flavours as well.. doll praised that place.. matlab its gotta be damn good and u too say so, so it muts b gud :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, really nice posting! I think you do have vast knowledge on pizza. Wishing you Happy and prosperous New Year.

BlazinMcGee said...

Hmmm... If you're lucky perhaps I will bake a pizza for your girls one of these days. Not a clay wood oven but a microwave, nontheless they say I am good :p

Anonymous said...

Hey Reeta,
pizza, it is my fave too.
Great pics.

Ojas said...

Interesting stuff! 'd love to know more :)