Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wait - ing

Some WAIT to earn money and some, because they cannot find a better way to earn. There are others who WAIT bcoz they earn well while WAIT- ing and they do not mind this profession. They like to WAIT upon people, they like to serve... They like to take orders, and they love to remember the largest o' orders by heart. The other day, I chanced upon a lady WAITER... She was gud at her job. She WAIT- ED with perfection... She remembered our order by heart and she served her guests (read us) well...
Also, Skeets remembers having been to a cafe at Khan market in the month of March...We were two... PeaNUT and Skeeter... We entered hungry... All tables were taken up... We turned to move out. The lady (who was the owner of the place) stopped us, handed us the menu and very politely asked a guest to leave the table as she (the guest) was done with her food....We sat. She explained to us what exactly would we get if we ordered what we were contemplating t0 order... We ordered a sandwich, drinks. The food was good..perhaps because we were very hungry.... and the best part was that when we were leaving, she (the owner) was WAIT-ING upon other guests...STILL she had a SHARP eye on the door... She managed to shout bubbye--hope you njoyed the food.... THIS, is exactly what the subtle art of WAIT-ING is all about.
I would love to WAIT upon people sumday... at one of Reeta's Restros.

Dream on...

(The name of the cafe is not mentioned here because of the nature of the post)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dilli gol hai!!!

Yes dilli gol hai!!! Mere liye to gol hai... Wherever Skeeter goes she reaches CP...haha!!

The other day, the weather took a turn for good and the heavy downpour lifted everybody's spirits. Skeeter was working late... And was damn hungry...

Wenger's had been on the mind since days... So she headed there. Got herself 1 Blueberry Mousse, 1 Tiramisu and 1 Hazlenut Swiss roll.

The Tiramisu won the taste buds for its perfectly blended ingredients.

The day ended in a superb way... The drive from CP to North Delhi (windows rolled down) for which Skeeter passed through one of her fave stretches of road shall keep Skeeter in a good mood for many days to come...

Happy Blogging!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Buds taste...

Always, there is this reaction which you are required to give, when someone makes you taste something... Never say YIKES at the first go.
Taste again...
It is not always that we can judge the taste of a particular food, at just one go.
If you sit back and think, you will be able to recollect many such foods that you did not like at all the first time you tasted them... Skeets doesn't know the logic behind this... All she can guess is... your taste buds are adjusted to like what you love to eat. The rest of the stuff, i.e. what your taste buds reject at one go...well.. you never know you might just develop a taste for just about anything. Skeets did... for a few new flavours of wafers, for bitter gourd, for yellow lentils (though Skeets still likes to tell herself she doesn't like them) and for loadza stuff that she can't remember.. not right now..

This also stands true in case of cuisines different from one's own culture. The key to developing a new taste is the art of appreciation.