Monday, July 16, 2007

This day, That year

The culinary journey of Miss Reeta Skeeter (in blogsville that is to say) completes ONE year today.
Happy Birthday blog dear!

Wish I could bake you a cake. I ate and drank on your behalf, instead. Hope you are happy to hear oops... read that. I ate bhel puri and drank lemonade, besides other things. And for the readers here's a treat. I am showcasing my favourite hangout at Janpath today. If I visit Janpath and don't visit this shop, the visit is incomplete. DePaul's is the name. It stands in the Janpath marketplace since 50 years + now. Ain't that cool?! I have enjoyed each and every visit here to the fullest. Their Cold Coffee (which is what they are immensely popular for) is to die for. The range of flavours they have on offer includes Vanilla, Mocha, Cappucino, Hazelnut and what not. My favourites are the Hazlenut and Mocha ones...Here's a quick peep at the counter, that looks the same since I was a kid.
This place is highly recommended.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thrilled to bites... always, I am.

Food, ummm, rather 'good' food, lifts up Skeeter's spirits like nothing else.
On a gloomy Sunday, completing work early at office, she went to Khan Market to book her copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sadly, the market was closed, as it is on any other Sunday. Memory weakness is at its best with her. Duh!
The idea of heading back home seemed boring. She headed to her favourite place in town - Market Cafe, instead. Unaccompanied. It did not matter as it would have at other eateries around town (funny stares you know). She chose a 'perfect' corner table as her abode for the next two hours that she was there.

And now, comes the food. The Chef was to prepare 'Baked Goat's cheese on Walnut bread with Za'tar' for Reeta Skeeter. It should have been 'Goat's cheese on baked Walnut bread with Za'tar'; some mistake there while preparing the menu card. Anyway, the waiter was to serve the same with Pepsi.

Goat's cheese, known to commons (hehe) as Feta, is her new fetish, the Feta fetish. Not many people like it; you got to love your cheese to love or even like Feta. And Feta can be sheep's milk cheese too. If purchasing you got to pick yours carefully, else you would end up tasting the other version.
Coming back to the dish that she'd ordered. The portion was enough for her. The price was a wee bit on the higher side, but was definitely worth it. They could've baked it a bit more. Next, she ordered 'Coffee Explosion'. This was a sundae. From the bottom to the top it contained: Crushed brownie, fudge sauce, coffee ice cream, coffee powder sprinkled on top of the ice cream, nuts all over and two biscotti. It tasted heavenly, and made up for all the coffee Skeeter has not had to have in about three years now. But by the time she reached the bottom , she had to STOP eating, else she would've fell sick. It was too heavy on her tummy.
In all, it was an enjoyable afternoon with the self. She looks forward to many more!