Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An Ode! the Master Chefs.

Forks and Knives
Are your wives
Pans and Cauldrons
You call them your sons
Plates and Bowls
You play with them
Chopper the lopper
Your own daughter...
Serve, you do that pretty well
The smile on those satiated faces makes your heart sing 'Jingle bells'...

Have had this obssession for perfectly hand chopped food stuff...The other day chopped some veggies for mama...Was wondering where that obssession came from...Then came the answer... TV shows... Have seen chefs chop away the most difficult to chop veggies with such an ease.... Whew!!!
This post is an ode to the Master Chefs of the world...R, Kylie Kwong, Tarla Dalal, Chef Sultan.... hmmm all of them... Mama... the greatest of them all!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Yikes Maggi!!!!!

Yes I am talking about MAGGI!!!!!!!

Worst day in my life ever....Mama was not in a mood to cook. Everyone selected their options from the leftover food...Skeets opted for maggi and a cheese toast along with a tall glass of Tang to satiate hunger. Maggi always come first.So Skeets took out the pan, poured water and put it to boil. Added maggi and tastemaker(less than half of it). Took out a stirrer AND before her eyes were 3-4 small ants/worms ....Skeets doesn;t know what breed were she can't call them a name...But m putting up the pics ...
YUCK! :( :( :( Have to write to maggi ppl about it...Recently had sent a big carton of Maggi to the sis...Hope nothing like this comes out of those...Skeets is too shocked to write more...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Simply Delhi!!!

The other day Skeets took the metro from North Delhi (Vishwavidyalya to be precise)...went to office (Central Delhi)...finished work and off to Dilli Haat in an auto. That was travelling from one end of Delhi to the other...whew! Skeeter's first in a few months...

Haat stop...
It was the last day of the Teej Mela at Dilli Haat..Did a round of the place and went to INA market opposite Dilli iHaat...You get everything from Shhitake mushrooms, bell peppers, red chillies (small ones which are not available with the neighbourhood veggie vendors these days), Bok name the variety and the freshness....
Apart from other stuff, Skeets got home Australian grapes...and made Grape Yoghurt...Here's how:
Slice/chop(as you wish) 3-4 Australian grapes
Beat the yoghurt(1 BOWL), add 2-3 spoons of milk
If your health and weight permit, add half a tablespoon of powdered sugar to the yoghurt
Then, add the sliced/chopped grapes
For the garnishing, place the sliced/chopped grapes on the top as well(see pic)


You can add any fresh fruit of the season that you like in the same manner as above and if you have that kind of time,you can puree the fruit and mix it with beaten yoghurt. It will taste like the flavoured yoghurt available in the market.