Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An Ode! the Master Chefs.

Forks and Knives
Are your wives
Pans and Cauldrons
You call them your sons
Plates and Bowls
You play with them
Chopper the lopper
Your own daughter...
Serve, you do that pretty well
The smile on those satiated faces makes your heart sing 'Jingle bells'...

Have had this obssession for perfectly hand chopped food stuff...The other day chopped some veggies for mama...Was wondering where that obssession came from...Then came the answer... TV shows... Have seen chefs chop away the most difficult to chop veggies with such an ease.... Whew!!!
This post is an ode to the Master Chefs of the world...R, Kylie Kwong, Tarla Dalal, Chef Sultan.... hmmm all of them... Mama... the greatest of them all!!!

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Krithika said...

I like chopping veges too. Yes its become an obsession :-)