Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Oregano Santa

Yeah…Skeety has a different Santa from that of you guys. Hers, unlike yours isn’t red, but blue and red (dress wise o’course). He comes anytime of the year, month or day, whenever she calls him, unlike yours who throws a lot of weight around, appears once a year, dresses in red (ol right I know Skeety loves red), wears a fake white beard, fills up your socks (how uncool) with goodies and may sometimes not even deliver what YOU want.
Skeety’s Oregano Santa is known by the layman as Domino’s delivery boy. The one you people start bullying, even if he is just one second late than the 30-minute deadline. Duh!
Skeety is no Domino’s fan. As a matter of fact, she despises the Domino’s Pizza that most drool over. Only GREEK works for her.
Anyway, the Oregano Santa gets Skeety a pouch full of flavourful oregano sachets. He gives her a generous number of sachets on his own. But what Skeety likes about him, is the fact that he does not hesitate to let go ALL the supply of the oregano in his pouch, if Skeety asks for it. And does she love it?!
Later, Skeety safely tucks away all the sachets in a tumbler, while the family is busy downing the pizzas. These are thereafter used for making toasted bread with toppings that vary from butter, parmesan cheese n black pepper, or just about any other cheese that Skeets is fond of.


deep said...

you know thats the only reason, i would order for Dominos......I wish Pizza hut people also start giving them though i dont rate their pizza much too but its atleast better than dominos

The Keeper of the Keys said...

me loves domino oregano too.
me loves to mix it with cheese and lick it with bread.

Woodsmoke said...

May you and your Santa continue to thrive. :)

Gonecase said...

Oye mere ghar bade saare pade hain...tujhe Oregano dosa bana ke khilaunga :P

gunj said...

i loved d name u gave d delivery boy....oregano cute...n suits him lots!!
i looove dominoz n spcly their oregano is yumm...i love it n i too ask fo all d seasoning he has!!

i hav a recomendation fo u...try pizza hut's ring-o-garlic pizza...its yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

gunj said...

also try oregano is bland kadi chawal...awesome it is!!

Ankur said...

My mum does that; she puts that oregano seasoning in almost everything she makes! I'm not such a big fan of the seasoning though.
But as Gunj said, I liked the title! :)
But contradictory to her suggestion, I'd not recommend the Ring-o-Garlic pizzas to anyone.

dRoZzY!!! said...

the only thing that reminds me of dominos is their delivery guy who crashed into my car last month. he came zooming from nowhere just to find my right door causing a 90 degree collision. i hate these fu^%in 30 minute deliveries. that crash cost me over 10k... just for some lunatic waiting in anticipation for his/her frikkin pizza+seasoning to be delivered on time.

each time i see a blue domino's bike i feel like.... like... tucking myself on the sidewalk to let him deliver under 30 minutes. damn the blue bikes!!!

Anonymous said...

Oregano is Greek for "joy of the mountains" have a joyful indulgence...


Anita said...

(Third time's the charm! 3rd attempt at posting a comment....)

What is all this discussion on the best pizza in town...the best is the home made kind! Made from scratch: make your own dough, the sauce with the oregano..., and good mozzarella (or not)...Yum.
Me, I hanker more after the chilli flake sachets.

c e e d y said...

cool - liked the name oregano santa - i should mail you an entire bottle so that you dont have to keep eating pizza :) - its used all over in italian foods and local sandwich shops - gives that extra zest :) -

Reeta Skeeter said...

deep: really? cool! I agree with you..Pizza Hut is still betta than Dominos.
the keeper of the keys: :D is the W factor? u and me :D
woodsmoke: :D danke!
gonecase: cheeee yukkk! tera dosa tujhe mubarak!
gunj: :) thanks... err i HATE dominos...
Anky panky: hehe hmm ok..I think I can trust your taste but still if I ever go with someone (I, of my own choice don't visit Pizza Hut), might as well try and see what's the fuss all about ;)
dRoZzY: tch tch...hmmmmmmm. lol@ each time i see a blue domino's bike i feel like.... like... tucking myself on the sidewalk to let him deliver under 30 minutes.
Sam: hey thx for sharing that bit of info :) welcome i know you/your blog?
Anita: hehe lol. hmmm I still like Greek Pizza! :D ;) njoy!
ceedy: I have the bottles as well, but Oregano from Domino's is more flavourful. And I NEVER eat the pizza, my folks do :D Oregano eet ees for moi.

Anonymous said...

Sam-the quizwallah

The Keeper of the Keys said...

w as in weasley? sure is!

crasiezt said...

If you despise Domino's, you should try US Pizza...they give you rotten chicken!! YUCK!
But yes, Domino's ka oregano mast hai! If my mom could, she would put oregano in rasgulla also!!
Hope Santa comes visiting often..tere ghar aur mere bhi:-)
Loved the picture somehow!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Sam: uh okayyy
the keeper of the keys: nahi re.. i meant the Witch bonding :D
crasiezt: hehe hmmm... I will stick to my greek pizzaa...u likey the pic? i hatey... ganda wala flash ka glare :( will improve it next time... next shot :D

crasiezt said...

A picture doesn't have to be perfectly shot for it to be likable:-)

prasun jain said...

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amit gupta said...

aha, I too have a stash of these oregano sachetes, I always get more than I use on a pizza, so the remaining ones are kept & then used in curd & sandwiches!! :D

The Keeper of the Keys said...

witch bonding. LOL

Simran said...

Ever tried pizza hut oregano with bread and butter. I can live on it for weeks, happily!

All my friends hoard pizza hut oregano for me - I even steal it from office pizza parties.

Maria said...

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