Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dilli: City of Sins

Dilli's Delight,
It seems so, but isn't light,
Let the sweet tooth dig into a sinful bite,
It will set your taste buds tickling and tune them JUST right...

Chandni Chowk beckoned Skeeter yet again. This time it was for childhood love. Skeeter fondly remembers being driven by dad to the 'kone wali' shop (Corner shop) for 'Hot and Sweet' Jalebis, when she was a child. And when she grew up she was enlightened about the name of the shop. It is aptly named 'Old and Famous Jalebiwala'. Having a tradition of making and serving Jalebis running for over 100 years, what better name could the shop possibly have?
Even more fascinating and dramatic is the location of the shop, for it is located right at the beginning of the famous Dariba Kalan or the Silver Street. The location is also known as Dariba Nukkad (Dariba corner). The entire set-up is bound to make one high and nostalgic. Best dessert and best silver-jewellery shops. They also serve samosas but Skeeter has never cared to taste them because Jalebis RULE.

Kailash Jain the owner of the shop poses with a smile for Skeeter. He has been running the shop for the past 30 years and is Skeeter's 'Jalebi Uncle'.

For those readers who aren't aware of what Jalebis are, here's Skeeter throwing some light: An Indian dessert, it is made of crisp coils of dough, deep-fried, and thereafter dipped briefly in sugar syrup for the royal taste. Best had hot during winters. Skeeter does not like this explanation, nevertheless it is here for your benefit.
History: The recipe of Jalebis is widely claimed to have originated in the Indian city of Punjab, though they are consumed in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well.

Geography: Round and round and more... (like pretzels but not really so)

Maths: To be had hot PLUS to be had with dipped in boiled milk (for relief from congestion, so day the elderly and the wise), PLUS/MINUS Can be had with/without rabdi.

Skeeter's take: Go to the Old and Famous JalebiWala's shop. Eat it there when a fresh lot is made. Don't be greedy else you may burn your tongue.


1795, Dariba Corner , Chandni Chowk , Delhi- 110006

Damages: Rs.100 per half a kilogram.


dRoZzY!!! said...

nice post... i wish these were extreme winters and those Jalebiz were lying right next-plate.

Mr. Jalebi Jain has a nice Dilli smile :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

they look delicious and the shop is indeed quite famous and the jalebis out there are among the best in where is the rabdi :D

Anonymous said...

Jalebis... I just love them. Will definately try when I go next to the Chandni Chowk.


Yoga Gal said...

Looks tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hey Reeta, Where are you? No updates since long.


kiran sawhney said...

lovely blog..all about food...and I blog about health and fitness..but i also mention good places to eat in delhi

Anonymous said...

i haven't liked them at this shop really

they make them fat and not crispy

Reeta Skeeter said...

dRoZzY: Winters are just approaching and lying right next-plate=lazy bum you! You've to do some mehnat fr good food :P
~deeps~: :) thanks ji... I see a slight diversion in your viewpoint here...shall talk about eet :)
kulpreet: :) DO go!
yogal gal: tastes tasty as well dear ;) :P
Kulpreet: yep I know...a slight problem here shall start posting more regularly soon :)
kiran: :) thanks and welcome here...
burf: haha@ fat...agree they r not very crispy...I could write another post on that (crispy vs non-crispy)...I identify with the crispy ones as well (love them), but these ones are incomparable and the shop follows an age-old recipe...

Unknown said...

those jalebis r realy awesome....they r marvelous....they r nostalgic....

Geetika said...

His samosa is awesome too! Potato and peas and the *best* green chutney ever.
*wistfully misses home :(*