Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chic and Choko la

Tucked away in one of the lanes in the PVR Priya complex, Choko la houses WICKED desserts, toothsome chocolates and commendable breads. On my last visit, I had Tiramisu in a glass and Passion fruit with Mascarpone. Yes I had both. No heee hawwwing now, ok?

And then I found the perfect companion for myself in this tiny little bottle of fiery pepper sauce known to you as Tabasco. I carry it in my purse all the time for I never know when I may need it to make the blande taste sizzle.


~ ॐ ~ said...


i should go there sometime !!!

Juhi said...

Haha...I remember carrying tobasco with me in London...the brits do have a bland taste!! take me to this place next time I am in Dilli.

Ankur Arora said...

u carry tabasco wid u, like a cellphone, like a wallet??? :O
u do get it in all the gud eateries! and yeah, choko la is a decent place, a little expensive though compared to the portions they serve. nevertheless, a really good place to while away time at!

~ Deeps ~ said...

the first time i saw this place arnd 1.5 yrs or so back.....i was like finally a choclate heaven for us people...........i loved it....though its quite costly but few of their stuff is more than value for money........the prob with chokola is their inconsistency........anyways they have opened up a new outlet in khan market...just opp a kakori from salims and then a truffle from open oven followed by a choclate drink at chokola........heavenly :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

~||om||~: You should!
juhi: London mein to it is a must ji! Wahan to we Indians cannot survive without darling Tabasco. :D
ankur: haanji bilkul partner I do carry it. :D Don't be :O Ya we do get it everywhere, but then you remember Nodia Gaon? Kabhi kabhi office mein zarurat padh jati hai.
~deeps~: Baap re! I fink you should start a food blog too! And Khan market mein khul gaya choko la! :O Agli baar jaungi main. Yeah, I am a vegetarian though so kakori is out, but a trouffle and chocolate drink (am missing Costa again *sigh*)... :D :D :D

Unknown said...

Tabasco sauce in your purse.. Lol, guys beware.

Unknown said...

I have been going to Chokola since it opened and I must say the quality has gone down A LOT!

Had the worst ever food experience there on Saturday. The waiters were inattentive, the hot chocolate was over sweet and the manger just shrugged when I complained.

They took my drink away to figure out what was wrong, and didn't even replace it. Charged me for it above everything else.

It can be inconsistenly good, but lately Choko La has just been bad.