Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chefish blunders

Chef went up the market, to fetch a few ounces of batter
Chef went mad and lost the hat
And the Utthapam came floating after!

P.S. : The tragedy mentioned in the post happened because Skeeter was not in a mood to cook... :P


BlazinMcGee said...

Hahaha, chai and now uthapam, it just keeps getting better.

dRoZzY!!! said...

oh no......... the chef sucks!!!

you sued up not your driking water but also your bathing H2O. now stay high and dry for a few days!!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

blazing: :)

Drozzy: lassi!!! teri to!! :P

FH said...

ROTFL Skeeter!! What the....??

Should I trust you with chai advice now that I know the story of Uttappa?!:D

Follow my Zucchini pancakes recipe darling! I will save you:))

Anonymous said...

This chef need to get a grip,refer to some nice cookery books darling

Reeta Skeeter said...

F.H.: ARRE!!! dnt b silly... its just that all of a sudden, a mood swing made me "nt feel like" coking for a change... but still had to to it and then i messed eveything up lol.. ;)
Anony: Go get a name for urself first.. then i will buy a recipe book...

Anonymous said...

hey, That was total disaster. But why?
According to my little exp Uttapam is a very simple dish indeed; more so when u buy readymade batter. The trick lies in how u handle the tava- thats all.
I can't believe u cud not do this much. It is simply not u; from whatever little I understand.
U said somthing about the preoccup- I think that was the trouble.
My advice- don't worry, be happy

Reeta Skeeter said...

Kulpreet: Lol!! I am always happy :) I can generally juggle 5-6 tasks at a time, but that day there were about 10 to finish and i liked doing none! So all the anger was vented out on the Utthapams :P
And btw where all did u go when u were in dilli?

Anonymous said...

Well, a lot of place actually to list.
Let me try- I stayed at Janakpuri for a couple of days before going to Alwar where my parents live.
In Delhi, I visted Indirapuram where I have a flat.
Ate at TGI, CP; Wengers, CP; A place in district center I can't remember the name; KFC, Rajoiri...
Will be back there once again on the 17th for my book launch at Oxford, CP. Will send u an invite. It wud be fun to meet a blog friend.
See some interesting info on wine at my blog.

Nee said...

LOL - loved the rhyme!

Reeta Skeeter said...

nee: thk u!!! :) Happy Blogging!