Sunday, July 16, 2006


Skeets has created this blog for all food lovers [vegetarians have an advantage here ;) ] to come and share their experiences here. The Foodies' Zone is a platform for food lovers to meet and discuss all about food be it recipes, new restaurants on the bloc/cafes/streetside delight, stories and just about anything related to food. Reeta Skeeter, also called by the self as Skeets, Skeety, Reety Skeety is a Delhi girl and undoubtedly a food lover. She invites you to a cuinary journey that begins with this post :)
Happy Blogging.

Keep the fire kindling!


Bharat Sharma said...

Ola Reeta!

Great initiative. I am with you. Lemme know what needs to be done. :)


Krithika said...

Nice blog.I am from Delhi too. The list is too long. This blog wont be enough :-)

Pavani said...

Hi Reeta,
Welcome to the blogging world. Have fun..

Sneha said...

Hey nice blog! :)
-Sneha (

Ankur Arora said...

hey thanx! i dint go thru urs, but surely will in sm time! i'm a foodie n a veggie too! so all da reasons to pay a visit regularly! :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

thx krithika, pavani, sneha and ankur for writing in....bharat :) do Visit again!!

D Naruka said...

First time visitor to your blog, and really enjoyed browsing, reading your reviews with the pics. I think I must have read most of your posts!
Wish you a feasty winter ahead.