Tuesday, July 25, 2006


About 2-3 days ago, Skeeter tried the Gouda variety of cheese. It is not that she hasn't tried it before. It is just that earlier in life she could not appreciate the slight tart taste of this fantastic cheese. This time, however, she liked it. The reason being that Skeets is learning the art of appreciating food stuff that she hasn't really enjoyed till date.
Take for example the Pani Puri available in Maharashtra...what with the hot cholas/chickpeas stuffed in the puri to the jaggery(gud)-only chutney used. Skeeter HATED it for the first time she had it in Pune. Moving on, as an avid lover of golgappas (as they are called in saddi Dilli,), Skeets couldn't resist trying them again and again at several places in Pune. But, there was no difference in the style (hot cholas, I repeat) whatsoever. And as she tried the new places, she slowly started developing a liking for the Maharashtra style Pani Puri.
In Delhi, however, the golgappa walas fill it with imli and gud chutney (tamarind and jaggery), boiled alu and chanas which are cold (of course along with the Pani) and not sizzling hot as in Maharashtra.
Being a 'sort of' spoilt brat, Skeets has always had a say in what she'd would 'like' to eat...but once she landed in a hostel, Skeets started developing the art of appreciating foods she did not like AT ALL!!! The Art, that Skeety speaks of, was however developed, not by choice, but by 'need'. The need, to survive.
Keep the fire kindling!

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Tinky Toinkers said...

If what you eat now is after your hostel jaunt, i would have thumped you on your head before you went there for being syuch a fussy eater.