Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Behind the scenes of Golden Temple langar kitchen (A photo essay): Amritsar unfolded Part two

Having heard stories about the massive kitchen at the Golden temple which feeds lakhs of devotees every single day, a visit was much pending just to witness the sheer scale of their operations and outstanding dedication of the sevadaars. Community service is epitomised by the Sikhs.

Skeets showcases the kitchen of the Gurudwara through her lens in this post. 

Golden temple
The Golden Temple at day break

gurudwara langar, golden temple
Have never seen so many utensils together at a place!

ginger, seva, golden temple
Where men sit down and chop ginger

onion, chopping, golden, temple
It was simply amazing to see how it all started from a few onions and then sacks of onions were undone to be peeled.

The automated Roti/Chapati making machine at the Golden Temple. Everything from the dough kneading to the rolling of chapattis and the final puffing/sekna is automated.

cauldrons, golden temple, food preparation at golden temples
Preparing food for the day
langar, golden temple
These giant cauldrons at the Golden temple have curries for the day being prepared. Two of them were just dedicated for making the yummiest morning tea ever. 
Read Part One of Amritsar unfolded.


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