Friday, January 31, 2014

Rosang cafe has a new address

A hands on host, simple, uncomplicated flavours served up straight from the heart sum up the Rosang experience in one line for Skeeter. Cafe Rosang was on Skeeter's 'hitlist' since long. They shut shop at Hauz Khas Village only to resurface at a new address in Green Park. The menu features indigenous food from the seven Northeastern states of India. One might be tempted to order the usual suspects (momos above all else), but it is advisable to unleash some new flavours on your tastebuds and have them rollling!

Skeets tried the Veg combo meal in which she opted for Aloo Taama from Sikkim, a dish made with potatoes and bamboo shoot curry. It was a very flavourful curry of potatoes and bamboo shoots with whole peppercorns thrown in. The base of mustard oil lifted its taste manifold. The Masoor dal in the accompanying bowl was simple fare that had a very gratifying 'I ate my dal chawal' effect. It was scented with lemongrass which can give your daily dal a whole new perspective. A must try! 

The Kol Posola from Assam is the pith found in a young banana plant. It is quite unique in its flavour and is an acquired taste for those who are not used to eating hitherto unknown parts of the banana plant. Some communities in India make the best use of the banana plant from the fruit to the leaf and on to the stem. Another culinary jewel, this! The Iromba (made with fish paste) was replaced on our request with a Raja Mirchi chutney. We were suitably forewarned to have only a little at a time and we did! But we liked this bomb on the scoville scale so much that we ended up getting it packed for home as well!!!

All of the above came in very apt portions and could easily be shared if you don't have a big appetite. We also got a serving of wild red rice on request and happily ate it all. The red colour of the rice and the slight chewy, nutty texture (what is common food for others) made it fun to eat . Though Skeets would've loved to try a lot more on the menu, the meal ended with a fragrant red rice tea, which is a digestive beverage of sorts. It is very popular in some South East Asian countries. If you like the earthy, nutty flavour of ground rice, this is a delectable one, served with a tiny piece of jaggery to end it all on a sweet note. Oh and did I say the place is pocket friendly? You bet! Rs 1100 for a meal for two with one non-vegetarian dish. Skeeter promised herself to go back for more! Watch this space :-)


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