Sunday, April 05, 2009

Daulat ki Chaat

Ever heard people visiting Kinari Bazaar on a Sunday when all shops are closed for trade?
Well, Skeeter did just that on a not-so-happening Sunday a few moons ago.
And why is Skeeter telling that to you on Delhi Foodies' Zone?
Well, she unearthed a culinary treasure on the same Sunday and the pleasure will double by sharing the experience here :-)
Walking through Kinari Bazaar, eating golgappe from the street vendor, clicking unusually coloured doors, Skeety stumbled upon the Daulat ki Chaat vendor.
She went right past him, and a few moments of brainwork later it struck that this could be the elusive DC vendor!
Since Skeety had walked only a few steps ahead, she hurriedly made a U-turn and was relieved to see the DC vendor right there!
By asking the vendor it was confirmed that the stuff he was carrying was indeed the famed Daulat ki Chaat!
Skeeter's excitement knew no bounds.
She promptly asked the vendor for a serving of DC and the fun began...
Our man Khemchand Adesh Kuamr was quite zapped at the number of questions that were put to him by Skeety.
Nonethless, he was sweet enough to answer all of them with a pleasant smile.
And before Skeety tells you about the conversation, here is something one should know. The 'chaat' that is being written about here is not the spicy aloo/papdi chat but it is a sweet, froth-like substance. Yes. Brows down please! Skeeter shall explain.
DC's is essentially made from air, dew drops, sugar and milk froth.
Due to the legendary notes attached to the recipe of this 'oh-to-die-for' delicacy, the preparation begins at night. Milk is kept outisde the homes during winter nights to let the dew drops set in. Early morning the dew-kissed milk is taken inside and whipped till it has a lot of froth over it (The more the dew, the more is the froth. So dew holds the key to this preparation). The froth is now transferred to a big vessel and sprinkled with bhoora or unrefined sugar, khoya and pista slivers. The final touch to the presentation is given by kesar and vark which is a thin edible silver sheet. And just before pouring it out to the customer in a leaf-bowl, some khurchan is added to it.
Our man puts the DC laden vessel atop a criss-crossed three-legged stool which is refers to as his 'khomcha' and sets off early morning to sell it at Kinari Bazaar which is exactly where Skeeter was graced by his otherwise-elusive presence.
You could look for him in Kinari Bazaar at Chandni Chowk or you may bump into him elsewhere if you are so destined. You might not always be graced by his presence as he makes and serves DC for weddings as well.

Skeety believes there are atleast 5 such vendors in Chandni Chowk area. Another DC vendor called Nandu has been spotted selling the stuff near Kuccha Pati Ram in Bazaar Sitaram.

If you have been unlucky enough to not have bumped into any of the DC vendors at Chandni Chowk and are adventurous enough, there are shops in Aminabad area of Lucknow where the Daulat ki Chaat is sold unde the name Malai Makhan.
And just before Skeeter was publishing this post, a chat with Deepak, fellow Delhi Foodie and friend who just returned from Lucknow tells that Malai Makhan is also called Nimish there...
Keep EATING :)
Location: On the large, in Kinar Bazaar and Bazaar Sitaram.
On Google Map for Kinari Bazaar
Price: Rs.10-15 for a plate of the heavenly stuff.

Lastly, Skeeter got featured in one of her favourite magazines: Time Out. Here's a dekko -


FH said...

How lucky are you? I would exchange your deeelicious Kulfi to my Kalamata Olives any day! :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Asha: :-) haha and not the Daulat ki Chat? :P
Skeets feels like eating all types of Olives all day long these days..Don't know what is wrong...

Unknown said...

Your writing makes me crave for Daulat Ki Chat all over my existence.
That sentence made no sense whatsoever but I am hoping you understood exactly what I meant.

deeps said...

well....i missed it this yr at delhi and lucknow both.....
i have always caught the elusive vendor in sitaram bazaar......the best time to have it ofcourse in the morning........

btw u will find the vendors selling malai makhan more in chowk area as comapred to aminabad in lucknow......

The khurcha is used liberally in lko version as comapred to delhi one......also came to know that their is one more avtaar, which is sold in benaras and supposedly its the best one among the three.......

Reeta Skeeter said...

Woody: I know EXACTLY what you mean :-) ;-) food is one of the many reasons I love Delhi...
Deepak: wow@ the other avtaar in benaras... I had it in eve at CC around 4pm...guess they must be tricking around to make it stand for so long...

Anonymous said...

Daulat ki chat is like Puran singh ka dhaba in Ambala ( I just got back from a trip to Ambala and Chandigarh). There are so many of Daulat chatwallahs... it is difficult to tell which one is original. I am glad u found the real one. Time Out talking about Skeety: Great. Cheers!

Kanika said...

That picture makes me crave for 'Daulat ki chaat'.

I can exchange the chicken biryani i am eating right now to get D.K.C

Yummmm :-P

Vegetarian Zest said...

My first visit here and I'm glad that i did. I will be visiting Delhi this Friday to visit my parents. My hubby wants to go and visit good eateries there. Will make a visit to Chwari bazaar. Oh i really miss Delhi food.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff - I'm sure it's what angels eat!


Reeta Skeeter said...

Kulpreet: thank you ji :-) how have you been....In delhi there are only handful of DC people so not really hard to find :-)

Kanika: hehe :) surely..thanks for stopping by...
Veggie Food Journal: It is nice of DFZ has been of help to you...welcome to DFZ... :-)
Pamela: I could not agree more with you...welcome to DFZ..

ashish chopra said...

I love your blog-keep blogging

Unknown said...

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