Friday, January 25, 2008

I ate my drink!!!

Hot chocolate at Costa is NOT passé. But, Skeeter has found a new flame, the Sao Tome Hot Chocolate at Choko la (Khan Market branch ONLY please).
Choko la (meaning let's drink chocolate together) is Delhi's very own chocolate boutique at Khan Market.
As she sits down one pleasant evening by the window seat, Skeety is attended by a lady with the most pleasant smile across her face.
Skeety takes eons to decide on her food and drink (as always). The lady patiently keeps an eye on Skeety to see when she is ready to place the order. A while later, she gives up on Skeety, comes to her rescue, asks her preferences, and recommends a Sao Tome (single origin hot chocolate made from cocoa beans of that region). Skeety surrenders, and to accompany the drink, she orders a Chocolate Mousse.
Eight minutes pass by. Enter, Sao Thome alongwith a piece of the chocolate in the unmolten state. Sao Tome is made with dark chocolate and contains 70 percent cocoa content. It is characterised by its firm body and distinct taste. Skeety enjoyed each sip so much, that she ended up eating her drink!
Having finished the drink and the mousse, Skeety speaks to the Manager who believes in making customers relish the 'real' chocolates rather than the regular Cad bar or the Fererro Rocher for that matter. Thus, he encourages all to try their Liqueur Truffles and Tanzania hot chocolate (with 73 percent cocoa content).
Skeety then moves on to meet the man behind the scenes, the chef Nikhil Baveja. After a small chat session, she asks him what would he call the specialty of the house. Ice-creams comes the reply.
According to Nikhil, they are as good as home-made ones and are freshly churned. Skeety shall wait till summers to see (read taste) it for herself.
Till then, let's Choko la!
P.S.:The staff at the Khan Market branch do a better job than the ones at Basant Lok. The Basant Lok branch is their first one and is more sought after. Choko la at Khan Market is a new-kid-on-the-block and is doing quite well. Atleast for now.
Update: Nikhil no longer works at Choko la.


FH said...

Amrerica and Europe has finally landed in India!! I love Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa as they call it here, the only kind of chocolate I like. Just made Hot Cocoa with cream and cinnamon for Bee too, will post on Monday!
Looks great Skeeter, YUMMY! Loved the "ate my drink"!;D

(I have enabled the comments again in both blogs)

Chan said...

You review these places for your work? Or you go around meeting the COO, chef, etc., just for pleasure?

Reeta Skeeter said...

Asha: First of all yayyyyy @ comments enabled again :D Thanks!
Wow! Hot Choc with cream and cinnamon! Nice...Send some this way ;P
Hehe thanks! Tasted even better :D
Chan: Nah ji... ONLY for pleasure :P I like meeting the people behind the curtains :D

AlterinG Abhishek said...

log chullu bhar pani mein doobte hai..
i think i drown in my drool

Anonymous said...

Very attractive images and a fine comment...just like being there to witness the whole ordering scene.
Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

I love Choko La Khan market since it is very near to my office (Lodhi road). I like Mushroom Caps stuffed with Ricotta, Chocolate Souffle' Cake and Single Origin Hot Chocolate. Amazing !!

Nikhil departure from Choko La is very sad news:( He is one of the best chefs i have ever met.

Reeta Skeeter said...

@AA: Heeee :D
@don: *bows* Thank You Sir.
Sarah Hunning: I love Choko La @ Khan market too!
Thanks for stopping by at Delhi Foodies' Zone :)
Nikhil's departure is sad indeed :|

Unknown said...

What would we do without you and your wonderful insight about foods, flavors, and general fabulousness when it comes to reviewing new places and their offerings?

deep said...

agreed khan market one is a lot better than VV one........good stuff, great snacks and awesome drinks........something u shudnt miss if u r arnd khan mkt.......

The Twisted Gourmet said...

Nice title , excellent post! you put the choco in chocoholic. I wonder if you have every tried the Mole sauce. It is a mexican sauce made out of coco beans and cinnamon and used in their curries ...a must for choco-freaks.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Woody: :D wah thanks for this lovely comment...
deepak: yep :) ===================================
The Twisted Gourmet: I like the title too ;) and mean it too! I am no choco freak only a hot choc freak but now that YOU say I shall try the Mole sauce :D Good to see you here after long :) Keep Posting!
Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I love Choko-la! And love the description of these gorgeous molten chocolates: bitter chocolate with piquant spices... :)

Also, Dark Chocolote is just... mmmmmmm!

My Unfinished Life said...

i love dark choclate!!....dint know about this joint so thanks a lot!! better informed..will go check out some day!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

siropdevanille: :D I love choko la too :D
shooting star: do visit!

Anonymous said...

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