Monday, December 03, 2007

Mister Master Chef

Attitude, suits some perfectly. One of those people of course is Skeeter (maybe kidding, maybe not). And the other is Gordon Ramsay. I have read, heard and seen so much about this attitude thingy of his, that I thought it would be but unfair not to share it with people who read this blog.
So, the story goes like this:
Gordon, was once asked by a Japanese journalist (a she) how can he "still" call himself a working chef when he ran 11 restros in 4 different countries, and was simultaneously making two TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic?
So, Mister Master pointing to the Armani jacket this journalist was wearing, said: Did you ask the store where you bought your jacket from, if f*****g Giorgio stitched every f*****g button on your f*****g jacket with his own f*****g hand?! Heeee
Point being, Mister Master has invented his dishes and trained all people working under him to follow his exact style and what you get to eat at Ramsay restros is the exact f*****g replica of the dish as it would be if made by Mister Master. :)
You can watch the last 3 minutes of this video to see the same incident being narrated by Mister Master himself.

I love Attitude, if it has substance. Do you?!


Unknown said...

Sorry but this sort of attitude is not for me. Ramsay could be the king of the world for all I care but that sort of language is something I clearly don't need.
Thanks for sharing the video though.

~ ॐ ~ said...

I have seen this guy's programs on the TV here... something called Ramsay's nightmares, where he is supposed to barge into restaurants and do a makeover...

While I agree to the fact that most of the places this guy visits are a nightmare, but the way this guy is shown treating people like dirt is irritating...

He might be a great chef and whatever... but if he cannot respect the other person for what he is, he is just another "made it big" bugger !!!

he is no mister master, he is an ASS the way I have seen it !!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Woody: :) There are many traits of Ramsay that I do not like. Rudeness is one.
Language, yes, you are right there. Even I wouldn't like being spoken to like that.
But he defended his point nicely (that he is a working chef). He knows what he is doing. He is a good manager and his deputies are doing a good job all over, else he would've been stripped of all his M stars.
~ ॐ ~ : He does treat people like dirt. Agree. He shouldn't be rude and use offensive language. Agree. Have you ever thought, why do all these people stick with him after hearing all that? Have you seen Hell's Kitchen?
But yes, had I been there main bhaag jaati uske show se.
I still say he is Mister Master :) To each his own. Hai na?

~ ॐ ~ said...

Think about a day when someone comes to you and tells you 100 things about your blog, your life, your thoughts, your pictures your everything, which are total dirt...and not in a mode to make you understand but humiliate you !!!

this is what this guy does.. maybe because he is paid to do that..
but then as you said.. to each his own...

Reeta Skeeter said...

~ ॐ ~: You really think Gordon doesn't make one understand? How then, do you think, in his physical absence, do all those people, who have once been humiliated, continue his tradition and keep the Michelin rankings intact for him?
He is not paid to do that. He has made his empire by doing that. He has continued his tradition by doing that. If he doesn't do that, people like me would simply walk out of his restros (after having a horrible meal), never to come back again!
Oh btw, he serves only NV, and I would never go to a Ramsay restro :D Heee.
And the answer to your question Prashant, as I said earlier, is that I would NOT entertain such rude behaviour. No way!
:) Happy Blogging!

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

Attitude is ok till its not hurting ego of others. As for him, he can shove his attitude and talent up his ***, our desi dhaba walas can match his magic anyday, without those nice words :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

gonecase: :D Desi dhabe oye oye! They do rock! Baaki attitude I like :D

Anonymous said...

Attitude: Sure it gets you kicking the right sort of way.
But, frankly, I feel Ramsey guy is too hyped.