Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Classy Glassy: Costa Hot Choc

Hola Boys and Girls!
Finally, I unleash what lies inside the 'Glassy' for all those who have been dropping in umpteen questions about Skeety's love for the Glassy(s).
The term Glassy refers to a glass in which Skeety is served her drinks [soft ones mostly ;)]. The Glassy has, and always will play a quintessential role in Skeety's drinking rituals.
Here are two random facts about Skeety:
* Skeety can get high on any drink she likes.
* She does not like being disturbed when she is enjoying her drinks and can get really angry if disturbed.
And now the POP = Point of the Post:
Skeety has a reason to rejoice as Costa Coffee has re-opened at Shopprix Mall, Noida (yeah I know this is the first time Noida is featuring on this Delhi blog). And in the Glassy lies Costa Hot Choc.
Man, is she at a loss of words or IS SHE?

Skeety's poison, Costa Hot Choc (wish she could rename the chain that), is best served with two sachets of brown sugar, a generous dash of chocolate powder, and that, preferably at a moderate temperature as tongue-burning has become a ritual with her at Costa. *Grin*
Oh yeah NOT TO FORGET, it should be in the Classy Glassy (take away cup/mug/glass for you). The drop dead gorgeous colour of the Classy Glassy's exterior is Skeety's eye candy.

And then of course there is the rich creamy texture, the light brown-ish colour, the slight nutty taste of the Hot Choc itself. Skeety dies and goes to heaven for the 30-45 minutes long drinking session. Oh Boy!

Coinciding with the re-opening of Costa is Skeety's newest discovery in Noida, which would make her shut up and stop cribbing about the place: the chaiwala near Skeety's office. He serves good ealichi tea @Rs.3 a glassy. Pata ni kahan chup ke baitha tha ab tak (Don't know where was he hiding all this while?!)
Another random fact about Skeety: Tea tops the list of Skeety's LDOMW: Lovely Drinks of the Muggle World. Costa Hot Choc comes a very, very, very close second.


Asha said...

Looks like Star bucks Cafe Mocha!:)
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

ur post makes me feel like a hot chocolate at d momenttt yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheers 2 ur glassys!!!!nutty

Reeta Skeeter said...

Asha: :) Thanks. Aap ao Dilli aapko bhi pilayenge :)
Nutty: Meri Doll! Ki haal oye?! Aaa ja tere fliiping cold ko flip kar dungi Hot Choc se :D Love you! Oh yeah CHEERS! Khadke Glassy!!! ;)

Juhi said...

I miss chaiwale ki chai on every nook and corner of Delhi...the chai latte's of Starbucks are nowhere close! I miss Dilli ka khana

For your love for Costa...lets make it a point that next time we is at one of those... havent yet had a taste of Costa my time it was only Barista...

and now I am off to get a Hot mocha for myself! cofeeee...smel.....mmmmmmm

dRoZzY!!! said...

we Americans have always preferred our very own Starbucks!!!
I really don't know much about these Costa thingyz you see. and that too in Noida...

Reeta Skeeter said...

juhi: You come and I ensure you that you will forget Starbucks :)
dRoZzY: Oye Oye Oye! Tu American kab se ho gaya? Zyada angrezpana is not good...I think ye tere Viral ka asar hai... sab theek kar dungi main! Hot Choc pila ke :P

Gonecase said...

Aiyoooo, I don't drink coffee or tea :|

~ ॐ ~ said...

Ek Garam chai ki pyaali ho :D

don said...

What an appealing post. Great pictures to look at while my mouth waters...and I wonder if I should fire up my espresso machine for a poor chocolate substitute to your real thing! :-) Nice post....and VERY appealing comment.

Lapa said...

New literary blog!
Thanks for visiting.

KP said...

I prefer startbuck...if i ever come to delhi...will check it out...:)

J said...

If I could throw in the word Whiskey, I would make this post mine :P

Mansi Desai said...

Hahhaa...a very sensuous description of coffee:) loved it!

~ Deeps ~ said...

costa has turned out to be a personal fav before barista revamped their coffees....anyways both are good enough for me...
took a pic at costa ....check it here

btw read ur comments on HT city article......skeeter going places :D

Gonecase said...

Dekha, everyone is confusing it with coffee :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Gonecase: HOT CHOC!
don: Thanks! You are one of the few who read the post properly... :) Appreciate that.
kp: Yeah must try :)
j: hmmm....Baat to sahi hai.
mansi: :o Post nai padha thik se aapne :P

Reeta Skeeter said...

~deeps~: :) hmm Suggest some good barista stuff then (not coffee, I am forbidden from having it)...Till then HOT CHOC ROCKS!
Saw the is LOVELY!
Ah you did? :) It was nice that DFZ was featured there :D

backpakker said...

my folks just called me to say they are having a cup of hot chocolate ..Now I feel like having this

Pritika said...

Yummy! Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for this season as the cool evenings are made lovelier with a hot cup of cocoa! Btw, congrats babe on your coverage in HT City!!! A real awesome accomplishment that makes me real proud of you! muah!

Kulpreet said...

I love Costa. It is a lot better that Barista, which is incresingly becoming yuck these days. Just yesterday had a Calzone with cold frappe with my wife and it was awful.
I am waiting for the Starbucks to arrive though.

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