Thursday, August 30, 2007

That's the way eet ees

Pea-NUT, Blazing boy and Nearly Headless Nick, all get embarrassed when dining out with Skeeter. The reason being that she takes out either the mobile (with the flash on) or the camera and starts clicking the food before eating, after eating and just about anytime she feels like. Now Skeeter makes an innocent face with a pleading expression (I will die if I don't kinda thingy) and mostly manages to get a "kill you" nod from them to go ahead and shoot. In between, Skeeter also gets "stop-it" stares from them. And does she love it? She does and doesn't. Loves it because she knows that she can have liberties with them around; doesn't love it because the pictures don't come out nice as they keep making her feel so conscious and guilty all the time. Period.
Today, I tell you about the much-awaited visit to Side Wok @ Khan Market. Now what attracted me to this place was the location apart from the so many reviews. The galli in which it is situated, is a sleepy, lazy one. So much so that I can almost hear it yawning. And for some reason I just love to walk down that place for the heck of it. This time, I walked up, up the stairs I mean. Attractive entrance that. The ambience was a welcome change from the regulars.
The food was decent. I absolutely loved my non-alcoholic Pink Mojito. They did a good job on that. The start with the Sushi platter (vegetarian o'course) was a disaster, no matter how lovely it seemed to the eyes. A birdie tells me that Side Wok is not 'the' place to try Sushi for the fist time. Point taken. Next came the Phad Thai noodles and the Stir Fried Chinese Greens with Roasted Garlic. Phad Thai noodles were regular but nice. I can go back for them. The stir fry was quite authentic and delicious.
Main course done, since we were in an indulgent mood, we ordered a dessert each. I ordered Crispy Nutty Rolls with Vanilla ice cream and Pea-NUT ordered a Chocolate Mousse. The Crispy Nutty Rolls with Vanilla ice cream were too greasy and spoilt the flavour. This dessert was not treated subtly and hence the result was bad. The Chocolate Mousse was okay.
The waiters are talented. Very. They are adept at playing hide and seek, hence resulting in customers being anguished over fetching them to take the order. Well, even if that is not done on purpose, the management should assure that a waiter is visible from every damn seat.
I have a second visit lined up to this place, because I couldn't have enough of it the first time. Besides, the menu is dotted with dishes from Burma, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore. They could well get the South-East Asian Cafe (the theme which they had in mind while designing the menu and the place) status, if they pay some attention to the quality and authenticity.
Ah yes, you can view the Side-walk from Side Wok.


Ankur Arora said...

i loved the pictures...i m awed! :)
i too want to visit the place, and once wen i had a chance, i chose the disastrous "the kitchen" instead! but now it won't be long before u hear about MY side wok experience!

Pritika said...

Well i must say the pics came out really well! Much better looking than the place itself, especially the ceiling (about which i was complaining!)Well described, but you forgot to mention how much of a disaster the sushi was! People! It burnt my tongue and the nerves conntected to the temples!! Couldn't describe it except maybe this is how it feel when you put cynide on your tongue!yuck!!! (p.s. i have tried jap food before but never with such disastrous results wherein i'd had to spit out the food!)

Anonymous said...

Well... Looks like you had a good time. Authentic review. Better than a preofessional.
Khan market is stone's throw from my office at India gate. Haven't been to this joint though, but will do so soon.

Sushi, as veg, is always a blunder. So, I guess you should not blame it on anyone.

I am not embarrased to say that I just haven't gotten used to the seaweed flavour. So, can't help but get disgusted by most of the Japs food, including Mizo soup.

Now hey, I might be sounding like a backward guy to say this when the whole world is drolling over the sushi bars ( Sushi arriving on a train belt etc), but why should I break mny record of not lying.

For me, Pandara food with its graesy-dishy fare is just too good to get past.

Anonymous said...

By the way, you must visit by food and wine blog more than the fiction one. Just a thought.

Akshay Gandhi said...

Hmmmm! Japanese food luks yummy but is horrible to taste...

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong ..for much of the world you're a journalist right?
Right. So how on earth do you manage to write one of the most deliciously captivating blogs on places to eat in this city!!!
And I believe the Times Food Guide must be reaching it's end soon!

PS: What phone model is that? Terrific camera!
PPS: Been to Shalom?

ritu said...

hello Ms Skeeter..
I am very impressed by your talents as a photographer as well. Let friends get pissed off, you carry on taking pics

Unknown said...

Side Wok sounds like it can be skipped unless you go in there again and come back to us with a roaringly successful review.

Anonymous said...

That chocolate mousse does look good. But your over all experience seems to have been so-so...maybe I'll have to invite you to this exclusive place for the authentic experience! ;-)

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

You are improving on your photography skills as well Ms. Skeeter, a complete package for the newspaper in the making :D
First pic looked as if cherries are hanging,chocolate mousse looks scrumptious.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Ankur: Yo! Do that Partner! Heee YOUR Side Wok experience... sure sure... waiting... go and come back 1..2...3...
pritika: Hehe I left that for you to do. I could never explain it the way you did. Cynaide and the drama....ooohh mar gaye bhagoooo Love you! :P
Kulpreet: Well, I ahd a good time, but not good food. Sushi as veg may not be as good, but you cannot call it a blunder. It is just the way of making that matters. I agree with you. Pandara food rocks! Aye!
Akshay: Pata nahi. Haven't tasted much except pickled ginger. You would know better.
vertigo head: Ah what a super flattering comment that! Times Food Guide is done by a good cook, a good critic and a food fanatic. Her love for food made me love my food even more. I would never want to be responsibe for its end.
ritu: Thank You!
woodsmoke: You got it just right :) Cheers! I might go again some day.
anita: True. Sure. Go on...invite moi.
gonecase: cherries hanging...hehe.. are you a foodie? The choc mousse was sinful. Really. Period.

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

Was one some time back, not anymore. Somehow everything tastes like South Indian to me, here in Bangalore and I hate South Indian Food. This blog gives me a place to look and remember those good ol'days. (Am I sounding like an oldie ??)

Mansi said...

beautiful place and u've captured it very well Reeta!! great post and nice review.

my husband loves veg sushi..i am a bit skeptical about tasting it though, but i'm gonna try it soon:)

~ Deeps ~ said...

nice pics.......side wok is decent place.....there is nothing much which differentiates it with other SE cuisine based restaurants......btw sushi as veg....the whole idea sounds lil weird......r u a veggie or u dont like fish like me ?

Reeta Skeeter said...

xdbsigonecase: Heee all who go from North to South say that. Don't u worry!
Mansi Desai: Thx! Yeah do try! I try everything twice before saying NO to it forever.
~deeps~: Well the preparation is all that really matters. I can go on debating about it but anyway. Yeah I am a vegetarian so... :D

R said...

My veggie buddy!!!
Ah, it always looked like one of those outrageously priced places to us, so we never tried there. When we're in Khan, we end up going to Big Chill or Subway for a quick bite. Or even Khan Chacha. But when I start earning (holy lord give me a job) I'll make sure I never go there... till the time you pop a decent review :)

This link finally worked, btw! :D

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

I am worried about my taste buds rather than what everybody says. My sympathies for every northie here :P

~ Deeps ~ said...

when it comes to food, i am ready for any kind of debate :)

prepration does matter but it should change the dish's identity......for me dishes like sushi, kebabs and veg doesnt go together......

anyways lets leave it to some other time :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

read " it shouldn't"

sorry for typo

Manasi said...

Mannn!!!! The place looks awesome..m comin home in jan (yippppiiiieee)..i'll def visit this place!!!